Friday, 15 October 2010

Too much of a good thing?

Is there such a thing as too much social media?

I'm not talking about the incessant spamming of some Twitter feeds nor the relentless updates from some people on LinkedIn. Nor am I talking about the automated updated variety where the same thing is splattered across hundreds of sites. I'm talking about how many types of social media people can use properly (in my opinion) at any one time.

If you're a techie/geeky/nerdy type like me, then juggling 6 or more points of presence online is relatively easy and fun.

However, many people are aware that their business needs social media but have been led to believe that they need to do everything - all at once - to "get RoI on their SEO". Excuse me while I go and hit my head on a brick wall for a while...

... that's better!

Social media is not solely about trying to trick Google into thinking that you're interesting!

Every person will have a skillset that can be best used in a specific area of social media. Chatty types will love Twitter and some people are natural bloggers, go with what you enjoy to get you started.

One thing, done well, will produce far better results than 6 things that are started and then abandoned. Dip your toe in the pool and then dive in - the water's lovely!