Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Having attended a few face to face network meetings recently - all with a seasonal theme - I started to wonder if there is a "holiday break" in the virtual world of social media.

An unscientific straw poll seems to indicate that the personal interaction will continue, but that people will "lay off" the business content. This then gives me another point to ponder: where does "personal" stop and "business" start on a platform such as Twitter?

The old adage "people buy from people" is particularly appropriate here. Can you just stop all your interaction and maintain the momentum you've built up because you see Twitter and your blog as work and not truly "social"?

How much damage - if any - will a week or so of virtual silence cause? Do people in your "Twibe" understand and are planning to do the same?

I'll take a watching brief and adapt as it's my first Tweetmas!

Seasons Greetings (whatever season you celebrate)