Thursday, 13 May 2010

Twitter 101

I make no apologies for this post.

Has it been said elsewhere, by other people? Frequently!

Are people that are new to Twitter the only ones that need to take notice? Sadly not!

6 golden rules to tweet by:

1. If you want to be retweeted verbatim, don't use up all 140 characters in your original tweet. Up to 100 is great, 120 is ok.

2. Shorten your web links. Filling a tweet full of web address means you have less room to talk.

3. Asking for people to "DM me for details" limits who can respond to you to just the people you follow. Or, you have to open your DMs to anyone and that can lead to LOTS of spam.

4. People really, really, really dislike automatically generated DMs appearing in their inbox when they follow you. Just because you "can" do it doesn't mean you "should" do it!

5. Interact, don't just broadcast. Social media is exactly what is says on the tin - social! Like any form of networking, you get more out of it the more you put in.

6. Don't be an egg. Take half a minute to upload a picture or logo