Thursday, 25 October 2012

Care about your content!

Imagine this as a scenario:
You're thinking about how you market your company. You have a decision to make. Should you:

Take a little time and handpick the messages and content you send out?

Issue content that hasn't been vetted and is not certain to be relevant or good quality?

Most people would choose the first option.

Why then do many businesses rely on total automation for their social media marketing? Their feeds spit out regular updates only loosely associated with their business. It's bland, soulless - and ultimately ineffective. It's also quick, easy and cheap!

Companies brag that their feeds are fully automated and require "no contact time". To my mind it gives the impression that here is a business that doesn't want to take time to talk to or listen to its customers. They're saying that, as someone who spends money with us, you're not worth the effort it would take us to communicate with you.

I'm not totally against automation. Strategically scheduled updates can be very helpful - as long as the content is appropriate and well thought out.

Another question for you.

Would you use the same content for a local advertising paper as you would for a national newspaper? Would you then use exactly the same content in a glossy magazine, or in a parish newsletter?

Again, most people would want to at least modify the content so that it had a chance of appealing to each audience.

Why then would you duplicate the exact same update across multiple social media platforms? (Sometimes, it'll work, but not always by any means!)

The old axiom that "content is King" has never held truer than it does on social media.

A little effort pays huge dividends. Care about your content!