Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Social whatworking?

I'm fascinated at the large numbers of people that seem to be phobic about entering the blogosphere, or even Twitter. I'm not talking about the internet avoiders here, but about people that recognise the worth of technology and the opportunities it provides, but are terrified of "joining in".

I find I am giving more and more of my time over to introducing people to blogging, Twitter and even Facebook. Whilst I don't class myself as an IT expert, I can use the appropriate software and demystify the process. In my last session, I spent a lot of time explaining what a URL was and why they sometimes need shortening for Twitter.

My conclusion is that there is a swathe of interested and capable people that are intimidated by jargon and have the preconception that this is a closed club for technology junkies. I'm doing my best to debunk that notion.

Give the newbies a break and help them out a little with some jargon free advice!