Thursday, 22 October 2009

Back to my roots...

I get to do something that I love doing tomorrow! I'll not get paid for it, but it's why I originally set up in business and so it'll be a treat anyway.

I'm meeting with a young person to help them plan what to do next with their life. More education? A job? A bit of both? Self employment?

People rarely want to be instructed on how to run their lives, or their job, but they are much more comfortable with an open discussion that allows them to come to an informed decision that is personal and appropriate to them.

My core belief is to offer alternatives and not give directions. Hence my company strap line: Unique Solutions for Unique People. I get a bit hoity toity when folks tell me I should "always recommend" their pet solution or that I should "follow the received advice". I bear all the information in mind and bring it into play if it's appropriate.

I try and avoid offering "the obvious"advice. If "the obvious" worked then I'd be eating less, exercising more and wearing a size 12 frock! It also insults the intelligence of the person you're trying to help. There are far more subtle ways to discern whether or not they know the base information needed for the conversation.

People aren't a commodity to be "channelled" into a particular stream of education - or employment. A good consultation can help change some one's life and really make a positive difference. It's a privilege to be a part of the process.