Monday, 13 December 2010

The secret ingredient to social media success.

Are you on Twitter because you feel you ought to be because you're in business?
Do you have a Facebook page for your business because "everyone else does"?

If you're a business, what do you 'do' social media for?

I expect you're thinking of things like:
Search engine optimisation
Generating leads
Greater visibility
Customer service
Customer retention
'Click funnel' to your website
Old fashioned not to do it
It's cheaper than other forms of marketing & PR

Do you endlessly chase metrics for success and attempt to nail down RoI? (Good for you if you do!)

Does all this hard nosed business stuff ensure that you'll succeed in your social media ventures? Well, actually - no!

So what's my secret ingredient for social media success? Enjoy it!

Social media is exactly that, social. Get out there and mingle. If you're enjoying talking to people and interacting with them the rest of the business stuff (which is still important) flows much more smoothly.