Tuesday, 1 February 2011

TMI - too much information!

Sometimes, when we're on a site we find something so interesting we share it using Twitter or Facebook or our other platform of choice. This is great and what social media thrives on. (As well as pictures of cats and discussions about coffee and wine!)

However, some folks are less selective. They have every application, website and forum option that can echo to Twitter switched on. Here are my top 3 pet peeves

I uploaded/liked/subscribed/commented on... sometimes all four in quick succession. Not only that, if the person is on a browsing session, or updating session, this can be repeated endlessly over several hours. (I've unfollowed them by then!)

Don't get me wrong. I like YouTube. I can waste spend hours on it. If I like a specific video or channel I may well like/subscribe etc, but I only share the really good stuff with my followers and friends.

Again, I enjoy using Spotify. If I'm looking for a specific song and someone sends me the link, that's brilliant. What I don't like is reams and reams of tweets every time someone hits the play button, often for hours on end.

Whether your poison is Gowalla or FourSquare, just be reasonable on the poor folks that have to read your stuff! If you're somewhere really cool, or there's an advantage to you broadcasting the information then please go for it. If you're in the local railway station every night and morning it can get very, very boring!

So, which ones do you love/hate? What have I missed out... Quora maybe?