Friday, 22 November 2013

Of Cows, Physicists and Spheres

Yes, this is about social media, bear with me...

I was browsing my Twitter stream recently when this tweet caught my eye:

The source of the quote is Cristiana Bordeau (Thanks to Ian for asking so I can give credit where it's due)

It got me thinking about being in business and how we construct our online/offline networks out of a myriad of component pieces.

Having an online presence is not just about the solitary, static website anymore. Most businesses are also active on several social media platforms. Our digital footprint is comprised of a mass of tweets, likes, comments updates and shares. Individually they may not seem like much. Collectively, they are a powerful testament (for good or for bad) of how we interact and behave.

Businesses often construct their social media "cow" without any thought for the overall effect. They concentrate on the day to day, but not on the overall impression they are creating. How much more effective could the overall result be with a little planning and strategy? (Answer: a lot!)

Take a step back and consider what sort of "cow" you're constructing.